Our commitment to quality is rooted in 100% Traceability, 100% Vertically Integrated Production and ArboEdge (Proprietary Formulations Expertise to make Stevia work in a wide range of food & beverage recipe).

Depending upon the grade or blend of Stevia extract that you are procuring from us, it goes through 15-20 quality control checkpoints to ensure world class quality and consistency.

The quality checkpoints & related protocols cover every aspect of our production process from

Most other international Stevia companies procure crude extract from China via subsidiaries or agents and import this crude to be further refined in their facilities and further blended for different applications.
This approach has various gaps:
a) Farmers practise a mix of over 50 plant varieties (including genetically modified ones rolled out by various Stevia companies over time) that are primarily propagated via seeds (genetically modified). This increases the likelihood of contamination of leaf from non GMO varieties and GMO varieties.
c) Primary processing of leaf into crude extract is undertaken by a chemically loaded and polluting production process using an antiquated resin based technology.
b) The produced leaf is aggregated typically by commission agents and companies do not have any control over the package of practises followed by far
d) The impurity profile of the extract (the final 5% in an extract of 95% purity) is likely to vary from batch to batch (because of non homogenous leaf varieties) leading to
Unlike other Stevia companies, we have a single variety program in each of our cultivation clusters. We don’t use commission agents to source our Stevia leaf but instead have a full time extension services team that handholds smallholder farmers from sowing of saplings to harvest aggregation and everything in between. By propagating our own saplings, we control the genepool of high yielding varieties that we grow. Additionally, Arboreal has its own storage infrastructure where strict quality protocols are maintained to ensure that the dried Stevia leaf is stored properly in the pre-processing phase.